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Sea freight cost lasts at low situation.

2023-08-31 20:00:16 Michael 16

Sea freight cost situation in 2023

After Covid-19 policy completed and in many countries in the year 2022, the sea freight situation recovered very quickly in 2 months till 2023.  During the past three years of Covid-19, sea freight cost had had a very high fact, because of shipment and shortage because of many workers at ports were infected. The cost began to become normal till the infection symptoms has been slightly in December in 2022.

However, sea freight cost is continuously becoming lower and lower in 2023. This is because of the world wide trading affairs's cutting down situation. This is having heavier effect on economy in many countries. During the course of Covid-19 handling, many biz affairs were effected heavily, and it is bearing the consequence. 

Abrasive industry, is also one of the numerous effected industries fields!

All biz affairs in worldwide countries maybe recover normally after a long time!