Corporate news

  • Sea freight delivery date will be longer than ever.

    Ships are avoid red sea lines, this will take longer time to delivery the goods.

    2024/02/29 Michael 1

  • SHAC is back on Feb.19, 2024

    Spring festival holiday of 2024 is finished, business is normally again.

    2024/02/26 Michael 1

  • Orders preparation of white aluminum oxide

    White aluminum oxide lumps and grains is becoming popular in our daily lives for different kinds of decoration materials except its industrial purpose.

    2023/12/14 Michael 10

  • A new breakthrough in 2023!

    Shineline Abrasives will continuously improve the business ability for all partners.

    2023/11/23 Michael 6

  • Super micropowder is coming!

    Shanghai Shineline Abrasives will produce super micro powder of white aluminum oxide, green silicon carbide.

    2023/10/26 Michael 13

  • SHAC is coming into cut-off wheels producing

    Shineline abrasives is preparing to make cut off wheels in the coming several years at high quality, high durability.

    2023/10/21 SHAC 52

  • 3rd party B TO B public platform, we are coming!

    To expand the new market, SHAC will cooperate with the third party B TO B platform of MIC in the coming several weeks. To become a paid member, more products will be shown online through 3rd party. And 3rd party certification is more reliable and objective for our potential cooperators.

    2023/09/06 Michael 13

  • White aluminium oxide lumps is workable for orders

    Shanghai Shineline Abrasives Co.,ltd. White aluminium oxide lumps has large size and weight after finished and cool from the stove. It has very high hardness , super characteristics for making many kinds of artistic and industrial goods. Special orders are workable for the weight, size for each lump.

    2023/08/22 Michael 2

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