Industry information

  • The cost of white fused alumina raw material is at a new stage

    We specialized in white fused alumina, brown aluminium oxide powder and grit, lumps and special size. For abrasive, blasting media, refractory and general industrial purpose.

    2023/08/25 Michael 2

  • Aluminium oxide powder application

    Shanghai Shineline Abrasives is specialized in abrasive media of brown, white aluminium oxide, powder, grit, silicon carbide, garnet.

    2023/08/24 Michael 8

  • White fused alumina lumps is workable for orders

    Shanghai Shineline Abrasives Co.,ltd. White aluminium oxide lumps has large size and weight after finished and cool from the stove. It has very high hardness , super characteristics for making many kinds of artistic and industrial goods. Special orders are workable for the weight, size for each lump.

    2023/08/22 Michael 2

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